Saturday, March 28, 2009

Birthday Bar-B-Que Day!

Last Sunday the kids came over for their birthdays. Two have birthdays in March, so we celebrate all three in March.
"G" grilled his famous chicken and we had homemade french fries, grillin' beans, applesauce, and corn.
Yummy! Everyone's growing up way too fast, that's for sure.
What a great day!

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TERI MANN said...

What a great picture,but it would be nice to have a picture with you in it too. Actually a photo of the whole family, including Austin & Amber. I don't think Mandy can print photos off the blog, you might email it to her, so she can print one off for us. I'm glad that all the kids came. You never did tell me about Lindsey's new job, but i heard through the grapevine she got a job at the hospital, i'm so glad that everyone is doing well!