Monday, October 6, 2008

More Good News!

I told you this was going to be a 'positive' blog.

I think my Dad will be coming home from the hospital this weekend. We should know for sure tomorrow. He will still have a bit of outpatient physical therapy, but we all expected that.

AND O.S. and his fiancee found a nice duplex about two streets over from us. The Military has been storing their belongings, which are to be delivered Friday afternoon (I think).

Have you ever felt so blessed you don't know if you deserve it? (I'd really like to know what Chros thinks about that thought. I've been feeling it alot lately)


chros said...

Many times I feel that way. It's good for the soul. Recognizing that you are blessed with all God gives you. All of us are blessed by God for every breath we take and anything beyond that. We are owed nothing at all so give thanks in all things. Life has many good times and bad and after many bad we see and appreciate the good so much. I am glad God is so lovingly showing you His great providence and blessings. May you draw closer to Him each and every day. With love and prayers always.

TERI MANN said...

Everything that happens in this world, happens at the time God chooses. I have that saying hanging in my home, and truly believe it. After being on such a roller coaster ride for the last 7 years, whenever something good happens, i always give thanks but try to push the thought out of my head that the bottom will drop out, but i came to the conclusion that lifes ups and downs is what makes it exciting. I once heard if everything in you life always went right, there'd be nothing to pray for. It made me start focusing on saying prayers to give Thanks and to not ask for more than the Lord wants to give. I'm glad that both of our lives are going good, and for that "Praise Be To God!"

Cher said...

Thank you, Chros. You are a man wise beyond your years. I appreciate and respect your opinion.

Cher said...

To Teri I say....we are both on the same page. You are so sincere and from the heart when you comment. Thanks SIL.