Saturday, March 21, 2009

Have You Seen?

The "I'm Proud to be White" e-mail that supposedly quotes what Michael Richards (Kramer) said in court, in his defense, after he made racist remarks in his comedy act?

No wonder 99% of people that get it, delete it as soon as they see the Subject line. His remarks in his act already spoke for themselves and if he thinks this makes up for his racist remarks, he's sorely mistaken!

Sorry, but it is what it is.


Ea said...

I don't agree with making hurtfull racist remarks but I do agree that you can't be proud about your heritage in this country if it means you are proud to be white. We lived in an all black neighborhood when we were very young and our neighbors would yell out racist comments to us and even throw rocks at us as children so I would never want anyone to feel the same way by my actions. I have a black friend and we discuss many cituations I know why the confederate flag hurts them and why the "N" word is so offensive, but she also agrees that many in the black community take any opportunity to take something that was said wrongly and turn it into a racial debate. I pray that my child grows up to love everyone no matter what race but I hope that he also can be proud of who he is. If you actually have friends of race these issues of someone saying the wrong thing don't occur because friends understand each other. It is only when someone is out to actually hurt someone this should be an issue.Just because someone forwards that message does not make them racist and people should watch how they so easily use that word. Being proud of who you are isn't being racist being hurtfull with your comments and actions towards people of another race is.

Cher said...

Well, I disagree. Strongly. But everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion.
And who says "you can't be proud about your heritage?" Your heritage is German, to some degree, Ea. Are you proud of that? Because you should be. My heritage is English, to some degree. And I'm proud of that. However, if someone started telling Nazi jokes in front of you, knowing it was a sensitive issue to you.....THAT would be hurtful. The United States is a melting pot. Because almost ALL of us has a heritage that derives from places other than America. Some just think they are superior to others. And it just ain't true. And I wouldn't forward that e-mail because I find it offensive and completely racist. Take for example, how many times it refers to "you"
Who the heck is "you" referring to? If that isn't making a clear distinction between people, I don't know what is.