Friday, January 9, 2009

For Steph and the Kids

Marisa and Izzy's Blog...

Izzy (Israel) is my co-worker's son. He and Marisa are travelling the world. Their blog is fascinating. They are staying in hostel's and are 'working' their way around the world. Argentina, Brazil, and Peru are only some of the places they have visited so far. Their journey started in July '08 so start at the end and work your way to the present post. Their blog is full of adventures and fascinating stories.

We've already referred more than one 'teacher' here.

ENJOY! THEY certainly are! So young and full of life! Marisa's smile is beautiful and Izzy's sense of humor will definitely make you laugh!


Kristy said...

That is so cool. I'm saving it to read all of it when I have more time.

Kokopelli said...

What was your great adventure after graduation, Cher? Mine was to Turtle Creek, OR until it burned down.

Cher said...

I really didn't have one. ):
I DID go to Nelson's Ledges to see Todd Rundgren right before graduation, though.