Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Trade Show Today!

I was supposed to go to a trade show in Cleveland today, with 3 of my co-workers. We were going to 'scope out' new product for our 2009 catalog, but instead I'm sitting here looking out the window at the beautiful snow. And the cars that are getting stuck trying to come up the teeny weenie hill on our road. Flashers on. Wheels spinning. Back up and trying again. I found myself cheering out loud when they made it up! WHO needs to get a life?!

Well, stay cozy and warm today, everyone. And we don't want to hear it, Michael. hot IS it there?

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Kokopelli said...

Freezing our butts off down here, Cher, with icey stairs and overpasses. Supposed to reach a balmy 53F today.

From what Kristi and Mandy are saying, sounds like its best I didn't come up this last weekend.