Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Way!

My husband comes downstairs this afternoon and says,

"Problem upstairs in the spare bedroom."

I said, "What?"

He repeats himself.

Then walks around the corner to the room I'm in with this in his hand and says,

"Leak in the roof."

I jumped up and said "No Way!" I'm ready to run upstairs and my head's already working on the dreaded solution.

Then, being the goof ball he is, says, "Just kidding. I opened the bathroom window and pulled it off the gutter."

MEN! Dang! My heart was racing.....darn dude!

I wish I would've met his Dad. I hear he's the one from whom hubby got his sense of humor.
You don't EVEN want to know how he wanted me to take the picture!


Kokopelli said...

Personally, I love it! Give G a high-5 for me...or some other appropriate compliment.

Cher said...

You two are going to get along GREAT when we meet, Koko!

Kristy said...

I have a pretty good idea how he wanted you to take the pic. lol