Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Kitchen

I tried to get a picture of the 50's retro walls yesterday, but my camera's batteries were dead. I'll try again today. We got the first coat of primer on 2 of the walls yesterday and will put primer coat #2 on today. Followed, hopefully, by the paint.

One of the great things about moving is . . . you can get rid of all the JUNK. We have a dumpster here, at our apartment, and you can bet we'll be taking advantage of that over the next week or so. And you can also clean the place you're moving into from the inside out while it's empty. Speaking of that, my hands are a wreck! But, it's all good. L.S. asked me why I don't wear gloves. I told her because you can't clean as well with gloves on. I'm not sure if she understood or not. She'll never know. All she did was keep me company and hand me cleaning supplies. LOL

Not really . . . she's helping us paint. And I'm glad of that. She's a perfectionist. She told me I was putting it on too thick. Had to get G involved. Which was a good thing. The man can reach the darn ceiling from the floor!

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Kokopelli said...

I'm amazed you have time to blog what with working on the new place and cleaning out the old. Its got to be exciting.