Monday, September 29, 2008

Two Great Pieces of News!

First and foremost, my Dad's double knee replacement is done! It took about three hours (I think) and then a couple of hours in Recovery. When we got there to see him, he was sitting up eating and talking like he'd never had surgery! (Thank the Lord) Well, he was a tiny bit pale, but all in all he was so much more alert than I ever suspected he would be. I thought he'd be all drugged up. But, physical therapy starts tomorrow morning. Can you believe that?

Secondly, we are completely out of the has been cleaned and we are turning in the keys tomorrow!


Kokopelli said...

All that and you still blog...amazing! Glad to hear about your dad.

One thing about "g's" honey-do list; you're allowed to tell him what to do or how to do it, but not both. *grin*

Cher said...

VERY good advice, Sir! Funny you should say that too . . . we made it through this move without fighting one time. Except there was ONE (and only one, I tell you) time when I must've been doing both 'what and how' because G got a little snippy. But, I truly needed to back off and give him some space. L.S. told me so. **grin** That girl of ours will tell it like it is!